What to expect during your first visit

Here at Flint Hills Family Chiropractic, LLC we are dedicated to making our patients feel comfortable during their time with us. We understand that the first chiropractic visit can come with many questions, and we want to ensure we answer them the best we can. We have included our most frequently asked questions to make your first visit as easy as possible. First and foremost, the chiropractors will seek information about any previous medical history in order to become more familiar with the patient’s background.  Every patient will have a neurological exam to provide the doctors with information on how well your nervous system is working and adapting to your environment.


Pregnant Women

Expecting mothers can expect to disclose their pregnancy history, and whether there were any complications during gestation. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Palmer use a model to demonstrate the Webster Technique, an adjustment that aligns a pregnant woman’s pelvis. All adjustments are made gently in order to keep everything properly aligned in preparation for labor and delivery.


Newborn Parents

When bringing in a newborn baby, parents can expect to disclose information on the pregnancy and the labor process. Newborn babies will receive a gentle examination, where Dr. Palmer or Dr. Campbell will check their nervous system, spine, and examine the clavicle to check for a fracture. Then, gentle adjustments may be made using as minimal pressure as possible, with a finger tip.


Parents of Children

This is a similar process where the doctors will assess the child’s current health, and ask questions regarding the development process. If necessary, gentle adjustments will be made depending on his or her health conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use your hands for adjustments?

Yes, manual adjustments are made where Dr. Jessica Campbell and Dr. Lauren Palmer will assess the spine and make further adjustments if necessary. In special cases an activator tool may be used that controls the pressure that is released during adjustments.

Is it going to hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments are painless.  Soreness is possible following the first adjustment while the body is adjusting to the alignment, and icing will help to relieve the soreness.

Is chiropractic care safe for babies?
The pressure used on a baby is equivalent to the pressure one uses to check a tomato for ripeness. With infants, we often use our pinky to find their restrictions and perform the adjustment. Adjustments are very safe and gentle. 

Will I have to keep coming back?

This depends on each individual case. For a patient in pain, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Palmer develop a personalized care plan for each patient, and try to involve patients with their care by giving them a few exercises to do at home in order to speed up the recovery process. Ultimately, the goal is to lessen symptoms, and therefore decrease the amount of visits to the chiropractor.  Once pain has been relieved, chiropractic care can be part of a healthy lifestyle. As with other healthy habits, like eating a balanced diet, working out, and drinking plenty of water - these things are done regularly for the most benefit. Wellness care is recommended to keep your body functioning at its best and reduce the re-occurrence of pain. For a pregnant patient, the care plan follows a similar schedule to the OB/Gyn's.  The goal with pregnancy is to keep the pelvis aligned throughout the entire the pregnancy, to balance the changing bio-mechanics of the mother's body.  For infants and children, the care plan is also personalized.  We want to help support their growing and developing nervous and skeletal systems.  Children tend to respond extremely well to adjustments and it's a good idea to have children checked regularly, because of the many ways they grow so quickly.

Do you take insurance?

We are no longer in network with any insurance company.  Payment is due at the conclusion of your appointment.  It is important that you receive a SuperBill at the time of your visit, though.  This receipt will contain medical codes that your insurance company uses to process your claim.  You will then submit the SuperBill to your insurance company, and they will reimburse you directly.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer family discounts for those seeking wellness care.  This is a time of service discount, where the more family members that are scheduled together on the same day, the bigger the discount.

When are diagnostic studies (X-ray, MRI, lab work, etc.) necessary during a chiropractic exam?

Diagnostic studies may be necessary depending on history and examination, or if the doctor’s think there’s another cause of the issue.