Manual Adjusting

At Flint Hills Family Chiropractic, LLC we utilize multiple forms of adjusting to align the spine, based on the individual needs of the patient.  We offer manual adjusting, as well as low force techniques, which include: SOT, Instrument Assisted, Thompson, and Webster.

Webster Technique

Webster Technique is a specialized chiropractic technique, developed for a pregnant patient. It is low force, reduces low back pain and discomfort, and helps keep a woman's spine and pelvis aligned throughout pregnancy, allowing baby room to grow and develop in utero.

Infant and Child Adjusting

Adjusting an infant is safe, effective, and extremely gentle.  Following the birthing process, a spinal check-up is recommended for the newborn to evaluate the nervous system.  A healthy spine and healthy nervous system work in coordination with the rest of the body to promote normal development and function in children of all ages.


Dr. Jessica Campbell is certified in acupuncture through Cleveland University - Kansas City.  Acupuncture has many varied applications, from pain relief to non-pain treatments.  Some ways that acupuncture may help those without pain, include: fertility treatment, stress or anxiety relief, smoking cessation, etc. We offer traditional needle acupuncture, as well as needle-less treatments.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is great for reducing pain, improving posture, and increasing stability.  It is a wonderful compliment to the adjustment.  For pregnancy, it helps reduce low back pain, improve posture, and assist with the physical weight of the growing baby.  Flint Hills Family Chiropractic, LLC uses RockTape for our taping needs.

Physical Therapy

We offer multiple additional therapies to reduce pain and inflammation and promote tissue healing.  These therapies include: IST, electrical stimulation, Russian stimulation, TENS, cold laser, and ultrasound.


Exercises may be provided in the office and assigned to be done at home.  The exercises are customized for each person and may strengthen and stabilize any weak or painful areas.  It has been our experience that the person who is actively involved in their care may experience shorter healing times.