Patient Testimonials


Alex H.

I had my first visit this morning at 34 weeks pregnant with Dr. Jessica after a week of dealing with back spasms. After an adjustment and some muscle work, I haven't had another spasm. It was like instant relief. I was nervous to visit, but she explained everything thoroughly and was very gentle. The office was also very welcoming of my children which took a lot of pressure off. Thank you for a great visit. I will definitely be back.

Emily S.

 Dr Lauren is so gentle that I really don't think it's going to help, but then I get up, and I can not only breathe, but actually WALK without sharp shooting pain in my back. Pregnancy has not been kind to my back, so I called today at 1030, and got in at 1130. I don't expect that will always happen, but I am so thankful I could be seen today! I limped in and walked out functional again. They have toys for the littles to play with and are very sweet to my 4 year old. As a mother, I always appreciate when people are friendly to my kid! They're just awesome, and I highly recommend them!


Lindsey W.

Dr. Jessica and Dr. Lauren are phenomenal doctors! I had the pleasure of going to school with both of them, and each of them are fantastic adjusters (speaking from experience) and they are extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it works! Call them if you have any questions about your health and wellness or if you are hurting, as they will help to get you in tip-top shape!

Nina W.

I really love these ladies. Gentle but effective treatments.They have not only kept my back sorted out but they have been very effective at helping with some muscle issues I have. They are amazing doctors who can help with any problem. I highly recommend them for anyone needing a chiropractor.