Small lifestyle changes = Big rewards

Did you set a New Year's Resolution this year? 

If you are in the 33 percent of Americans who set New Year's resolutions every year related to health and wellness, this post is for you.

Did you know only 9.2 percent of people who set resolutions feel they were successful in achieving their resolution?

This New Year, Dr. Jessica and Dr. Lauren, decided to do away with resolutions and instead adopt wellness goals.

Having goals and a plan of action give you small manageable changes that you are more likely to achieve. 

For example, your end goal may be to lose weight.  The first step in your plan of action to lose weight can be setting a smaller goal to walk at least twenty minutes a day.

"You don't have to start by working out for an hour every day," said Dr. Jessica Campbell, Flint Hills Family Chiropractic, and Manhattan, Kansas chiropractor. "The key is setting manageable goals."

Setting a smaller goal to exercise 10-20 minutes a day during the week is a more reasonable and achievable goal. 

You don't even have to go to the gym. Working out from home is much easier, with a simple Pinterest search for home exercise routines. 

"Do it for three weeks, and in that time, you can create a habit," Campbell said.  "Being active is good for the mind and self-esteem. Set goals and accomplish them." 

Coming in for regular chiropractic care and taking better care of yourself helps to maximize chiropractic adjustments and shortens healing time. 

When you are healthy, you can hold adjustments much longer. By practicing a healthy lifestyle, your recovery will be shorter from injuries.

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Lauren Palmer