The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Infants and Children

It is common for children to experience health obstacles while growing up, and it can become overwhelming for parents to find effective solutions to help their children. The good news? Many issues that children may experience growing up may be relieved with chiropractic care.

For children who are plagued with issues such as bed wetting, constipation, asthma, earaches, colic, sleeping issues, or breastfeeding issues, some parents have reported improvements in these symptoms following chiropractic care.  Chiropractic adjustments of the spine help support the nervous system, which sends nerves to every organ of the body and coordinates our internal and external environment.  

Adjusting the spine gently helps the nervous system to function properly, and these symptoms may go away.
— Dr. Jessica Campbell and Dr. Lauren Palmer

Proper spine alignment is essential for children to grow comfortably, and this is the main focus when children come in to see Dr. Palmer and Dr. Campbell.  The birthing process can be very hard on a child's spine.  Whether the birth was vaginal or via C-section, the bio-mechanics of the infant's spine may be affected and a chiropractic check-up is recommended.  

When it comes to earaches, there are a variety of reasons that children's ears don't drain as well as an adult's ears.  One such reason is the Eustachian tube in children is more horizontal, while an adult's is more vertical.  In addition, many chiropractors find that the first vertebra of the spine is misaligned in children with chronic ear problems.  The same misalignment is regularly found in infant's with breastfeeding issues - specifically a latching problem.  Infants who are struggling to latch may have difficulty turning their head to one side, which is directly related to the first vertebra - the primary bone that allows for head rotation.  When this first vertebra is misaligned, discomfort may ensue, and realigning this vertebra may help to relieve these issues.

I had issues with my son latching on while in the hospital into his first few weeks of life. Just one day after going to see Dr. Lauren and a simple adjustment my son was nursing on both breasts like a pro.
— Sheila G.

As for children who possess symptoms of ADHD or Autism, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Palmer said, “For these kids we recommend adjustments and brain exercises that will help the brain to send signals properly."  Although ADHD and Autism are still not fully understood, they both have neurological components.  Therefore, adjustments and exercises that stimulate the brain, work beautifully together to promote nervous system development.

Parents will notice that chiropractic care may ultimately increase the overall well-being and health of their children, which is essential to have strong, happy kids.

Lauren Palmer