Five reasons why your newborn should get adjusted

Many parents may wonder why their newborn should be adjusted by a chiropractor? 

Due to spinal distress from the journey through the birth canal or during the delivery process itself, newborn babies often benefit from chiropractic adjustments. 

After a baby is born, his/her doctor checks to ensure the baby is healthy by many different measures. Babies' spinal and nervous system health should be checked as well. 

95% of infants have misalignments after birth, according to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 

Explore five top reasons why you should consider a newborn chiropractic exam.

      Maintain a healthy nervous system- Considering the central nervous system is responsible for essentially all that our body does, it only makes sense that maintaining a healthy nervous system should begin at birth. Ensuring that the brain and spinal cord are in proper shape early on, may promote adequate development in newborns.

       Spinal curves can be monitored- There are curves in the spine, “lordosis” which is in the neck and lower back, and “kyphosis” in the mid-back and sacrum. The spinal curves begin developing in utero but continue to grow stronger as baby grows and develops in the early months of life.  One example of this - holding up their head strengthens and stimulates development of the curve of the neck as well as brain development!  These curves are necessary for proper balance, posture, movement, etc. and the first year of life is essential for correct spinal development.

        The birth process is often stressful- Babies often experience trauma (some minor, some more severe) during the birthing process, whether labor progressed naturally or intervention was needed.  It isn’t uncommon for there to be stress in the neck and head area - from normal pushing, the use of forceps, cesarean delivery, the use of Pitocin, etc. This trauma can result in spinal misalignment, and chiropractic adjustments help to relieve this stress on a newborn baby.

         Relieving nerve dysfunction- Correct development is associated with the nervous system, and chiropractic adjustments will relieve nerve dysfunction in newborns in order to allow them to grow and develop as best they can.

         Promoting health as early as possible- The goal of chiropractic care, whether in a newborn, child, or adult, is to restore normal function through our adjustments.  Our bodies are capable of keeping us healthy when the right conditions are met, and adjustments help to remove interference in that process.   

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Lauren Palmer