Guideline for Physical Baby Milestones

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Many parents question whether their child is hitting the developmental milestones at the appropriate age. As parents, it is second nature to compare our child to others and worry about their progress, or lack thereof. It is important to remember that each child is unique but milestones occur as the child’s brain develops and if your child seems to be behind, it is a good idea to have them checked by their pediatrician or family doctor. Doing simple things such as tummy time for 20 minutes per day can help a child “catch up” on a delayed milestone and helps to stimulate brain development! 

These milestones should happen in the order and fairly close to the ages mentioned below. This informative video should serve as somewhat of a guideline to help you navigate the progress of your child.

         Holding head up- Your child should be lifting their head up and looking around at about three months old. If you notice that your child is not holding their head up within a few weeks of the three-month mark, it may be a sign your child could have low muscle tone.

         Sitting up- Ideally, your child should be sitting up by themselves around the six-month mark. Allow for a 3-4 week window before developing a concern. 

         Crawling- Your child should be crawling at about nine months old and may crawl for 2-3 months before they begin pulling themselves up to walk.

         Walking- The ideal age for walking is around 12 months, yet many children begin walking a tad earlier or after.

Lauren Palmer